Rainbow Birthday Party

Rainbow or unicorn birthday party for girls, party ideas and gluten free cake recipe

Check out this rainbow themed birthday party for my little girl, and use the ideas as inspiration for your own rainbow or unicorn party!  A link to the cake recipe and a fruit dip recipe is included.

The cake was the show stopper, so I spent extra time on it, displayed it front and center and let it set the tone for the rest of the party’s color scheme.  The bright colors of unicorn poop inspired me, but you could do the same concept in a softer or bolder scheme.  For rainbow cake instructions, click here.

rainbow cake layers

Balloon walls are fairly easy and pack enough punch to be the ONLY decoration.  I like to be matchy-matchy so mine mimics the colors on the cake.  I used this formula:

  • 5 pink balloons shade 1
  • 5 pink balloons shade 2 (with polka dots)
  • 5 tangerine balloons
  • 5 yellow balloons shade 1
  • 5 yellow balloons shade 2 (with polka dots)
  • 5 teal balloons
  • 5 blue balloons shade 1
  • 5 blue balloons shade 2 (with polka dots)

Use Command Strip hooks to tie curling ribbon across the wall, then hang balloons from the curling ribbon at altered heights.  I like to hang mine as they’re blown up because it’s easier for me to manage.  I start hanging the top layer from the center, then work my way out evenly on both sides to make sure the overall pattern remains centered.  I’ve seen balloon walls where the balloons are hung in perfectly straight rows, but I jumble mine a little on purpose because making straight lines stresses me out, and the “jumbled on purpose” appearance looks playful.  It took about an hour to hang.



Since I only served cake, fruit, chips and juice, all I needed were some small plates, forks, napkins and cups.  I found some sky blue striped paper straws and threw them in too, but honestly I was the only person who tried one so I guess they were just for looks.  The table cloth was sky blue, the plates matched the rainbow, and the cups, napkins and forks were white like clouds.  I used poly-fil, a cheap craft stuffing, to create clouds around the cake stand.

rainbow on rainbow party supplies[As I was taking photos of the cake, a prism from a nearby window cast an actual rainbow onto the table]

This recipe is stupid simple.  It almost doesn’t qualify as a recipe:

sour cream fruit dip clouds idea


  • 1 16oz container of sour cream
  • 3 Tbsps of brown sugar


  • Mix
    (I mixed mine in a stand mixer with the whisk attachment to make it extra fluffy, but that’s not necessary)

It doesn’t seem like this fruit dip would be any good but you’d be surprised.  I got the recipe from a Care Bears cook book when I was in elementary school which is fitting because they live in clouds and slide down rainbows.

The fruits shown are watermelon, strawberry, cuties, mango, pineapple, kiwi and blueberries, arranged in a rainbow of course.  The sour cream dip in condiment containers are the “clouds.”
– – – – – – – – –

That sums up the party.  It was pretty basic.  We didn’t play any party games because it was an extended-family party, not a kid party.  So we just dressed in rainbow colors, sang Happy Birthday off-key, opened presents and took way too many pictures.  I hope my ideas are helpful for your party.  Thank you for reading!





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