Natural ADHD Treatment: Life Change Required

Natural ADHD Treatment Life Change Required

On February 6, I was honored to have a guest blog article published on ADHD Gift, a site that was put into motion by Mark Patey, a multi-talented entrepreneur with ADHD.  To view the article, click here.


What Is Natural ADHD Treatment?

What is natural ADHD treatment
What is natural ADHD treatment?  A mom’s outline of natural treatment methods

When it comes to ADHD treatment, medication takes center stage.  Drugs like Ritalin and Adderall have been such controversial attention-grabbers that sometimes it seems the medications are more well-known than ADHD.  This hype is why many people don’t realize that natural treatment options exist.  

Through happenstance I found out I could use natural treatment for my 7-year-old son instead of medication.  To pay the blessing forward, I’m sharing what I’ve learned so other parents may benefit.  

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