DIY Dry-Erase Daily Routine Checklists for Kids with FREE Printable PowerPoint Template

DIY dry erase daily task checklists for kids - FREE printable PowerPoint template and illustrations with basic computer tips - desktop publishing - organization, back to school - morning, after school, bedtime, chores, lunch and sample routine, ADHD natural

FREE DOWNLOAD:  kids’ printable routine checklist templates with illustrations ~ desktop publishing ~ allows you customize your own dry-erase daily checklist

I can’t stress the importance of organization enough.  It is essential in an ADD/ADHD household.  After our son’s diagnosis, we became more organized and implemented daily routines to cut down chaos and create a more predictable environment for our son.

Per the suggestion of our son’s screener, I drew up a sequence of pictures so he could reference his morning and bedtime routines.  It sounds too simple, but it was surprising how much this treatment method helped – and that was before our son started the ADHD diet.

When the seasons changed, the pictures I drew became less helpful.  Sigh.  All that work drawing hats and mittens only for summer to come.  So the next time around, I wanted to create something reusable.  But it’s not just reusable for me, it’s reusable for everyone, including non-ADHD kids.

The PowerPoint template I put together is the new and improved version of my previous post, DIY Dry Erase Daily Routine Checklists for Kids.  My first post had printable illustration pdf’s that could be printed and cut, then arranged on paper.  Due to all the fine motor skills that are involved in that version, it’s more suitable for crafty people like scrapbookers.  (It’s also more handy for people who are afraid of computers 🙂 ).  The PowerPoint template is much faster to use, and it’s a better option for folks who aren’t into crafting.

During the day I’m a graphic designer.  I’ve been asked on several occasions to create templates for non-graphics people in my office.  I always choose PowerPoint for the template because it’s a darn handy desktop publishing tool.  Its basic image/printing functions are user friendly and even my less tech-savvy office mates find it easy to use.

If you are already a PowerPoint pro you could open my template and go wild.  You can easily swap in and out the free illustrations I’ve provided and type in different text to create routines that work in your household.  Otherwise, screenshots of handy PowerPoint tips are below :-).

But before we get into that, let’s talk about the dry-erase part.  All you have to do is put the printed checklist into a photo frame and voila, dry-erase marker technology.  When you use the template, make sure the paper size is set to be compatible with your frame.  My template is letter-sized with grey borders for an 8″x10″ frame.  I’ve seen plenty of other frame options and you can adjust the paper size to fit your needs.  The main idea is to download the template so you can use/copy/paste the free illustrations provided.

Sample routines are included as well.  If they are similar to what you’d use in your household I’ve saved you a lot of time.  If they’re not, wipe the page area clean by deleting the images and start over with your own design.

I hope you find the template handy and welcome your feedback.  Thank you!

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Pardon the larger-than-life imagery, I had to make sure the images would be visible on smart phones while on Pinterest 🙂

ADHD Natural Mamma

Basic Powerpoint Tips: zoom, show ruler, change paper size, insert image, crop, resize image, format picture, arrange, send to back, bring to front, group / ungroup - free power point template download for natural ADHD treatment - daily routine dry erase checklist with FREE illustrations, back to school



6 thoughts on “DIY Dry-Erase Daily Routine Checklists for Kids with FREE Printable PowerPoint Template

  1. Thank you this is exactly what I was looking for. My husband does not want to overwhelm the kids with an unrealistic To Do list. I think this is a perfect compromise.

  2. Thank you so, so much for sharing!! I’ve been looking for ideas for my daughter, and I think this is the BEST one! I hope she’ll be as excited about it!

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