Gluten Free Chocolatey Trail Mix

Gluten Free Chocolate Trail Mix
Gluten Free Chocolate Trail Mix

Camping, hiking, and the outdoor season is upon us.  Get out there and have fun with this G-free chocolatey trail mix to keep your energy up.  It was created to be gluten, dairy and soy-free with an emphasis on protein (NOT added sugars) while still providing plenty of carbs for energy. It is ideal for restrictive diets, food sensitivities and is ADHD-friendly.

I was able to find these tasty and healthy cereals in the gluten free section of a regular grocery store.  The Choco Chomp adds a lot of flavor while being relatively low in added sugars for a chocolatey cereal.  The flax cereal adds health benefits (such as Omega 3’s), along with good carbs, low added sugar and a decent amount of protein for a cereal.  The rest of the ingredients are seeds and nuts to add more protein and healthy fats.  Plus they’re tasty!!

• Bag of Bear River Valley Cereal Choco Chomp, 14 oz
• Box of Enjoy Life Crunchy Flax Cereal – Original, 10 oz
• 12 oz Sunflower Kernels*
• 10 oz Cashews* (buzzed in a blender to create smaller chunks)
• 16 oz Almonds* (also buzzed in a blender to create smaller chunks)

*Salted vs unsalted is a personal preference. I used salted sunflower kernels and cashews, the almonds were not salted. I feel the salt makes for a nice flavor but you may want to experiment and see.

• Mix all the ingredients together in a really large bowl. I actually used a wok.
• Scoop the mix into snack bags, 1 cup each.

Yeild: Almost 20 cups of trail mix, depending on how much you swipe while you’re making it 🙂



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