ADHD-friendly Consumer Report: Yonanas

Yonanas for an ADHD friendly diet
Yonanas for an ADHD friendly diet

One day as I was surfing through some social media outlets I saw an ad for Yonanas.  I watched the online infomercial and thought, “Say…the concept behind that is pretty cool.  I wonder if it would work.”  I’ve probably been curious about it for about a year but I’ve been too scared to purchase it in case it was another infomercial fail.

The concept: replace ice cream with frozen bananas.  You freeze the bananas just before they go bad, then put them through this Yonanas machine which turns it into soft serve.  On the infomercial it looks just like ice cream, and they claim it tastes like it, too.

Part of our son’s natural ADHD treatment includes decreasing added sugars and avoiding foods on his list of sensitivities.  Dairy and soy are on his list, which makes it hard to find an ice cream-style treat without searching the ends of the earth or spending a load of money.  I had forgotten about this product when we started treatment, but yesterday when I walked past an end cap at the store selling the Yonanas machine for $20 instead of $50, I was all over it.

It was a leap of faith even at the reduced price.  It had been a while since I had seen the infomercial so I didn’t know if it would work for my son.  You see, bananas are also on his list of sensitivities.  I reasoned that I might be able to use the machine with other fruits instead of bananas, and if it that didn’t work it would still be a good purchase for the rest of our family.

I got home from my grocery shopping trip, unpeeled some cheetah-spotted bananas we had laying around and put them in the freezer.  Today my husband and I gave the machine a whirl.

The machine doesn’t take up much space and it was easy to put together.  It’s loud, so I wouldn’t suggest using if someone is trying to get some shut-eye.  The three bananas I had frozen made a nice man-sized bowl of “soft serve.”  It tasted like banana, but strangely it also tasted like ice cream.

The baby was underfoot so we scooped her up and fed her some.  She liked it!  Then I put some into a separate bowl and stirred in cocoa powder.  Also very tasty.

Now it was time to see how well it would serve our son and his banana sensitivity.  I gave my husband some mixed frozen fruits that I had purchased for smoothies.  It included peach, pineapple, mango and strawberry.  It worked again!

Yonanas without bananas sorbet, in pretty colors!
Yonanas without bananas sorbet, in pretty colors!

The machine doesn’t completely blend the ingredients so you have to stir them once they’re in the bowl to get a consistent flavor.  But in the meantime it makes a pretty gradient effect. 🙂

Our son tried it.  He was a fan!  Could we go wrong with this thing?!  Now I’m afraid it will break on me.  If it does I’m buying another one.  I see that there is an “elite” version for about $100 available.  If this one breaks, I may just upgrade.  Too cool.

I have all sorts of plans for this bad boy.  We could have a Yonanas soft serve bar instead of ice cream at birthday parties and we’d still be sticking to the diet.  The texture is definitely scoopable, so we could serve it on gluten-free ice cream cones, which can be purchased or made at home.

After we tested the thing I noticed the recipe guide.  If I would have seen that in the first place I would have known right away that we could use the machine without bananas.  Guess I got a little excited.  The guide gives some basic ideas but also expands into fun flavors like cinnamon cocoa, waffle spreads, ice cream sandwiches (they suggest using cookies with no high fructose corn syrup – how cool is that?), pumpkin pie filling, and sorbets.

The clean up is easy as long as you do it right away.  We ran it under hot tap water and let it dry.  Maybe you don’t want to eat at our house now that I said that because I didn’t mention using soap.  I figure if you don’t put your mouth on it and it isn’t something like eggs or meat you’re ok to use just hot water.

All in all I am very pleased with my purchase.  Five stars!

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Update: 04.05.2014
Our son ended his 8-week restrictive diet to reduce food sensitivities and the nutritionist told us he could start eating bananas again.  We celebrated with a new flavor of Yonanas and happened to find a package of gluten-free, ADHD-friendly ice cream cones at the grocery store.

Check out Cherry-Berry-Banana…

Yonanas in a gluten-free cone  |  Cherry-Berry-Banana
Yonanas in a gluten-free cone | Cherry-Berry-Banana

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